Photojojo’s Pocket Reflector Is Like A Solar-Powered Flash



If you never used a reflector to help out the lighting in your photos, you’ll probably be pretty surprised at just how big a difference they can make. A reflector can kick back light into the shadows of your subject, taking a standard boring portrait and turning it into something that looks way way better, eliminating the unflattering pools of darkness lurking in the faces imperfections.

But only a pro would bother tossing a big reflector into their camera kit, right? Photojojo thinks not, and will now sell you a perfect pocket-sized reflector for your iPhoneography.

Of course it doesn’t stay pocket sized. This reflector is collapsible so it can quickly pop out to make a 12-inch circle that’s silver on one side and whit on the other. Silver will throw more light back at your subject, but white is softer, evening out any specular reflections. The reflector collapses to fit a little five-inch case.


What’s more, it’s just $15, and can add a huge boost to the softness of the light on people’s faces, as well as brightening up the shadows of your product shots without any expensive, battery-hungry lighting (perhaps that last one is a little too specific to my own job…?)

Source: Photojojo

Thanks: Kiran!