Olloclip 2X Telephoto Lens Comes With Backward-Compatible Polarizer



I love my Olloclip, but there’s one thing I find myself wishing more and more often: that it came with a telephoto lens. Well, as you can probably guess that this post is about just that – a new telephoto from the makers of probably the best add-on lens for the iPhone.

The Olloclip is that clever slide-on widget that lines a lens up over the iPhone’s camera and converts it to a wideangle, macro or fisheye The new Olloclip, priced at $99, gives you a 2X telephoto. This is pretty rad as I almost never need my iPhone to go wider but I often want to zoom in on a detail, especially when I’m Instagramming something specific. And while I can “zoom” in software, it always looks terribly soft.

The telephoto has another trick up its, er, sleeve-shaped body: a polarizer. I met up with the Olloclip folks when they were still deciding what to put on the other side of the unit and I voted for a polarizer, as it’s pretty much the only filter that can’t be faked later in an app. I therefore take complete credit for this idea.

The polarizer can be used on its own, or popped off and used in conjunction with the telephoto or – get this – with both lenses from your original Olloclip.

To summarize: If you buy yourself a pair of tiny, pocket-sized accessories, you can now equip your iPhone with a telephoto, a wide-angle, a fisheye and a macro, and all of these can be used with the polarizer. As I said before: rad. Available this month and next, depending on where you are.

Source: Olloclip
Thanks: Michelle