Hilariously Bizarre Video About Tech-Loaded Boddie Smartwatch is Brilliant or Crazy




I know — if you see another @&#%$ post about a smartphone watch, you’re going to run screaming though the streets tearing out your hair. But bear with me, because this one’s different — and it’s got more tech packed into it than an entire region of Best Buys.

Your first inkling that there’s something unusual going on here is that the watch comes from Poland — not a locale often bandied about when discussing tech startups.

Then there’s the Boddie watch itself, with its zillion features: remote phone camera shutter release, the ability to navigate slide presentations through gestures, remote phone lock and/or locate, and a bunch of other fun tricks. And of course, this is all in addition to the usual old boring smartwatch features, like being able to answer calls, read messages and control music.

As for the actual tech, stuffed inside the watch is an accelerometer, a gyroscope,two thermometers, a digital compass and a processor that Boddie’s designers say consumes “16 times less power then the one in the Pebble [smartwatch].”

Even more unusual is that Boddie’s designers actually want you to be able to get away from all this connectedness: They’ve built a feature into the watch that turns everything off if you simply flip the watch over on your wrist.

And now we get to what’s probably the oddest thing altogether about the watch, the promotional video. It’s mostly insane, and definitely longer than it should be. But it’s also freaking hilarious.

Want a Boddie? Early birds can still grab one for $100, after that they’re $130. Be prepared to wait, ship date is March 2014.

  • QJeremiah

    Didnt evenb see the stupid commercial to end….

  • shesocrazy2

    That was torture.

  • mister_grey

    That is such an ugly, stupid “design” for a watch that it’s simply an instant fail IMO. I din’t bother to watch the video since the chances of this thing catching on are essentially zero.

  • GrangerFX

    The tech specs. Wow.

    1.44” display,
    enough battery for 7 days of usage on a single charge,
    2x MSP430 microcontrollers,
    2x 16 KB of RAM,
    BT 4.0/BLE for connection,
    dedicated OS,
    microUSB port,
    accelerometer, gyroscope, 2 thermometers and digital compass.

    How is this a smart watch? It is like a Tamagotchi for your wrist.

  • scatteredthings

    Are we sure Samsung didn’t direct this ‘commercial’?