Brett Terpstra’s GrabLinks Bookmarklet Saves Batches Of Links As Markdown Lists



Another supposed holiday; another super-useful tool from Brett “I just built this” Terpstra. This one is called GrabLinks, and it does just that: Fire the bookmarklet off inside your browser and you can quickly grab a bunch of links and save them out in Markdown. Nerdy? Sure. Useful? Hell yes.

The bookmarklet is pretty clever – it live-loads its code from GitHub, meaning it is always up to date – and is also easy to use. Just click it and then go find a block of links in the page. The extension is smart enough to detect links and puts a kind of dynamic box around them. Once you have the set you want, click in the box and the page transforms into something like the picture below, with all the links turned into handy Markdown links, selected and ready for copying and pasting into, well, whatever you like.

Even if you don’t use Markdown, this is a great way to collect links from a page. It even works on a Google search page, or inside a Gmail message. Whaaaat?!

Source: Brett Terpstra