The Capacity Of A 160GB iPod Visualized As A Stack Of Vinyl. Hint: It’s Huge



Do you ever stop to think about how many albums your iPhone will hold? Probably not, as you most likely filled your iPhone or iPod up with music from the iTunes Store, or you stream from Spotify or Rdio. And even if you filled up your iTunes with music by ripping actual physical disks, you almost certainly didn’t do it from vinyl records.

I did fill my first 15GB iPod with music from ripped CDs, so I know just how big the stack was that I had to work thorough. But if you head over to and click the little arrow, you’ll be treated to a stack of vinyl big enough to fill a 160GB iPod. That’s 40,000 songs in total.

As the site tells us, the stack of 3,180 albums weighs an absurd 1,400 pounds, which is 635 kilos in modern-day parlance. But the funnest part is looking at the stack scroll up like the Star Destroyer marches endlessly across the screen at the beginning of Star Wars.

Anyway, I have to go. All this is reminding me that there’s a stack of VHS tapes by the front door that I need to recycle (actually true).

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  • Market_Mayhem

    The size of the record stack depends on how much of an audiophile a person is. Some people, such as myself can get away with lower quality mp3 files, but others have to have 320bps mp3s and things like FLAC audio. I grew up with early transistor radios, vinyl records and cassette tapes, so I’m easily pleased with lower sound quality, but those suckled on CDs have become to need the highest sound quality possible. So, with the higher the quality you need, the smaller the stack of albums become. I’m so happy with having an iPod to keep all my older vinyl music on. Nowadays, people just take this stuff for granted but I’ve lived through the years before all this was possible and I consider myself so lucky for this newer technology.