Feed Wrangler Now Imports Google Reader Folders As Smart Streams



Hey RSS refugees (RSS-u-gees?). Did you sign up for a Feed Wrangler account so you could import all your Google Reader feeds and keep using them in something like the Excellent Mr. Reader app? Me too. And did you see that Feed Wrangler pretty much just ignored all your carefully thought-out and painstakingly organized folders, instead dumping all your feeds into one big list? So you thought “Screw this” and used the free Feedly instead?

Me too.

But Feed Wrangler has now tweaked its import engine so all your folders will be converted into Smart Feeds. Better still, you just need to re-import your exported Google Reader OPML file and it’ll fix everything up for you.

I was going to take before-and-after screenshots of the mess of feeds compared to the newly organized structure, but as soon as I switched Mr Reader to my Feed Wrangler instance it had already created the folders. It’s pretty quick.

These aren’t actual folders though. They’re Smart Streams or Smart Feeds or something like that. These smart folders let you choose any or all of your feeds and run a keyword search on them, and the results are displayed as a folder. It works both on the Feed Wrangler site and in Mr Reader. I have yet to experiment with proper smart feeds, but they look pretty great, letting you bubble up articles on, say, iOS 7. They’re nice because they can be permanent or very temporary, and they work across all feeds.

Anyhow, go grab your Google Reader OPML file from Google Takeout and get started.

Source: Feed Wrangler
Via: MacDrifter