Welcome To Israel, We Shot Your MacBook!



A woman traveling to Israel is questioned by security officers who are suspicious of her bag. So they take it out the back and shoot it, killing her MacBook. Amazingly, the hard drive survived.

“The Israeli security’s decision to shoot my laptop was nonsensical on multiple levels – unprovoked, unduly aggressive, a waste of government funds, etc.” the woman, Lilly Sussman, wrote on her blog.

Someone in the comments added: “These guys shoot every day at unarmed people, even children. Why so much surprise about a simple laptop?”




  • Hadas Leah Levine

    shoot every day at children? jesus where do you live? It’s amazing how you make us out to be inhumane monsters. the only reason innocent children get shot is because hamas makes a point of setting up rocket launching stands next to homes and schools. we do as much as possible to try and avoid the loss of innocent lives. If the soldiers had suspicion that this bag contained explosives, I’m sure it was for a good reason and she could have cooperated with the soldiers. You want the real monsters? Use your blog to showcase palestinians murdering three month old babies or, as happened today, an italian pacifist. Really, those poor underdogs, we jews are so awful to them eh?

  • Cfrier78

    that is so true. when is the last time anyone with a kippah started anything bad like that?

  • Mike Touzard

    Fake !!! This is the macbook pro, and in the picture, is it macbook, but with de style of the macbook pro ! So, is a fake macbook pro ! maybe a bomb in the computer !!!

  • Guest

    its not fake , this macbook is old , and it was replaced by another one fast

  • Shehadeh M

    @google-8706b2a15691d1543c7c37225337c83d:disqus You’re an idiot. I agree that they misspelled the title and called it a macbook pro instead of a macbook. But its to advanced for a Terrorist to make a Laptop like this for a bomb -.- only if you’re Chinese.

  • Stanley686

    Oh shut the fuck up you dumbass zionist cunts, after reading that article the best you could come up with was ‘thats not a macbook pro thats a macbook’ That’s not the point!! A womans laptop was shot 3 times by Israeli security…. for what reason, fuck knows…. I mean if it were a bomb would 3 bullets deactivate it?!?!

  • Valentin Klinghammer

    You, madam, have double standards.

    Also there is no valid reasons to shoot computers. Ever. Either you detonate the suspicious device in a sealed environment or you confiscate it for further investigation or you give it the fuck back. You do not shoot it. You just don’t. There’s simply no professional reason.

  • KnosysNetworks

    They ruined a perfectly good paperweight!

  • tim gray

    Only the Israeli military would see a ten story building find terrorist in the basement and decide its a good idea to blow up the entire building full of people in order to kill them. And yes Palestinians are people to, not all are Hamas, and most just want to live in peace.