Aviiq Freshens Its Origami-Like Portable Laptop Stand, Cuts Price




I’ve long been a big fan of Aviiq‘s laptop stands — so much so that I almost never use my MBP without a stand under it. Why? It props the MacBook up at an angle better suited to typing, raises the screen close to eye-level, and allows for better cooling by allowing for airflow between the MacBook’s bottom and the desk.

Aviiq has just refreshed the fancier of the two models, the Portable Laptop Stand, and brought down the price considerably.

The refresh is very modest, and mainly cosmetic. The stand now comes in a satin sheen (exclusively from the Apple Store), and the logo has been made less obnoxious. Also, the rubber feet have been beefed up.

The PLS has always been the prettier, cooler (its exotic Hylite material creates a structure that’s kind of a metal version of origami) and more professional of Aviiq’s two stand models — but its cough-inducing $80 pricetag has made the less expensive model, the Portable Quick Stand, somewhat more attractive. But the PLS’s new price at $55 makes it much more of a tough choice.