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Boston University Files “Bombshell” Lawsuit Against Apple



Suing Apple for patent infringement is so de rigeur right now that even colleges are getting in on the action: Boston University has just sued Apple for infringing upon one of their 1997 patents.

According to The Boston Herald, a new “bombshell” lawsuit filed yesterday in the Massachusetts District Court claims that Apple is infringing upon a patent held by professor Theodor Moustakas hearkening from back in 1997 for a small electronic component.

At stake is a bonanza of cash, thanks to Apple’s habit of breaking sales records left and right. The company sold its 100 millionth iPad last year, and 55 million iPhone 5 units alone were reportedly sold as of May.

BU has filed a total of eight identical claims against smaller manufacturers and device-makers as well as two other high-profile companies, Samsung and Amazon, in the past year.

At least one other company currently licenses the patent from Boston University, so B.U. has an actual case. And some analysts and experts think that Boston University could walk away with at least $75 million. But pay day won’t come quick: Cupertino could easily keep the lawsuit tied up for years.

Source: Boston Herald
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