Turn Your Seatback Into An Entertainment Center With This Tray Table iPad Mount





Long distance flights have never been more bearable thanks to the invention of the iPad. Now you can just you melt into a five hour Kindgom Rush spree while the guy next to you snores deep into his peanut induced slumber, and if you want to do it all hands free, Griffin’s got a new iPad mount that’d be perfect for you.

The new Skyview travel mount from Griffin attaches to seatback tray locks commonly found on most planes, buses and trains, so you can keep an eye on your screen while chugging down those tiny cups of Coca-cola.

A specially-designed clip at the Skyview’s base allows it to fit a range of different iOS and Android tablets. Priced at only 30 bucks it’s perfect for diving into an inflight Breaking Bad marathon while fighting for elbow room on your armrest.


Source: Griffin

Via: Gizmodo