Southwest Airlines Now Has Free In-Flight TV For iDevices Courtesy Of DISH



Southwest Airlines announced today that it has partnered with DISH to offer free in-flight TV on all of its Wifi equipped planes. The free tv service launches today and is available to fliers with an iPad, iPhone, or almost any other smartphone or tablet.

The new ‘TV Flies Free’ program will be available on more than 400 of the airline’s wifi-enabled planes, which is about 75% of the fleet. Chances are your next flight on Southwest might have just got a little more bareable, provided the guy infront of you doesn’t decide to lean back into your lap for a nap.

Southwest announced the program this morning with the “Boston Guys” from DISH’s recent string of popular commercials for the Hopper. The Boston Guys surprised passengers on a flight from Boston to Baltimore and handed out free iPads courtesy of the two companys:



Source: Southwest Airlines