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Opera’s First Chromium Based Browser Is Now Available For Your Mac



Opera 15, the first Opera browser powered by Google’s Chromium engine, is now available to download on your Mac. In addition to a “fresh new look,” it comes with a new Speed Dial page that provides one-click access to your favorite sites, plus a feature called Discover that offers a range of content you might be interested in.

Opera 15 was first previewed under the “Opera Next” moniker back in May, but today it has lost its beta tag and been made available to the public. This is the first Opera browser to employ the Chromium engine following Opera’s decision to drop its own Presto engine back in February.

That should mean this version of Opera is noticeably faster than its predecessors, and more compatible with your favorite websites. There are other new features to enjoy in this update, too.

Like its mobile counterpart, Opera for Mac now has a speed dial feature, allowing you to add your favorite websites to one page for easier access; and Off-Road Mode, which uses Opera’s unique compression feature to provide you with better speeds on slow connections — perfect if you’re tethering your Mac to your iPhone.

There’s also a new feature called Stash, which lets you collect snapshots of saved webpages in one place; and Discover, which brings you top articles from categories of your choice.

You can download Opera 15 for Mac now from the Opera website.

Source: Opera