ShoulderPod For iPhone Cuts Down On Crazy Camera Confusion, Supplies Sturdy Stand



Quick quiz – How do you hold your iPhone when you’re taking video? And when you’re shooting photos? If your answer is “Uhhhh…. Depends? I don’t know…” then you are just like me. I never quite know which way up it is, or whether my finger is on the shutter release (volume switch), or whether the app I’m using even lets me use the volume switch to take a picture (cough Instagram cough).

The ShoulderPod is designed to fix that, adding a stand and a fat grip to the iPhone.

The ShoulderPod comes in two sections. The first is a clamp (the “Mobbo”) which takes your iPhone (or hint Android “phone”) gently in its maw and and acts as either a stand or – thanks to its chunky round body – as a camera grip. As people add accessory grips even to cameras they’ve spent like $10,000 on (hey, Leica)then adding this one to your iPhone isn’t as crazy as it might seem.


The grip has a tripod hole in the bottom, letting you either mount it on any tripod you like or – better – letting you screw on the second part of the ShoulderPod, the Handdo. The Handdo is a handle that you can also screw into any regular camera, which could be great for shooting video.

Together the Mobbo and Handdo will cost you $39 if and when the Indiegogo campaign succeeds. Separately they can be had for $29 each, but this seems a little pointless as there are other options available for less – the point here seems to e to use them together.

Source: Shoulderpod
Thanks: Ana!

  • dcj001


    You said:

    “Together the Mobbo and Handdo will cost you $39 if and when the Indiegogo campaign succeeds.”

    But the Indigogo page says that the price would be 39€, which is more than $50.

    Are you sure about the $39 price?