Exif Manager Lets You Get Intimate With Your Photos On iOS



Exif Manager for iPhone and iPad does one thing – it lets you view and sort your photos by various metadata attributes. Want to see all your pictures in descending order of shutter speed used? You can do that.

The native Photos app has no way to check on metadata, which can make anything but basic image vexing difficult. You can’t even see the filenames to check whether those super-similar images are in fact just two copies of the same photo. And don’t get me started on the maps integration…

Exif Manager, on the other hand, lets you go crazy with the Exif data embedded in modern digital photo files by the camera that took them, and by the apps that process them among the way.

The interface is a little clunky, and the app’s description on the iTunes Store page reads like a cross between a college lecture and a manifesto on correct exposure, but the app appears to do its job just fine. You can either browse thumbnails which have a summary of common exposure info underneath them, or you can sort on the following: exposure value (ev), ƒ-stop (aperture), shutter speed, lens focal length, ISO and camera maker.

Tap on a value and you see the thumbs for all matching images. Tap on a thumb and you see the full-sized image. Better still, all three of these views are on-screen at once, letting you navigate them quickly.

Exif Manager is a universal app, and costs just $2.

Source: iTunes