iOS 7 Glitch Lets You Put Apps Inside Newsstand



Not only can you finally put Newsstand in a folder in iOS 7, but a newly discovered glitch also makes it possible for users to place apps inside Newsstand.

Dom Esposito at App Advice discovered the new glitch this morning which makes for a great way to hide the default apps you never use. To get an app inside Newsstand, simply press and hold an app icon till it wiggles, then drag it above the Newsstand icon, after a second or so Newsstand will blink and you can drop  app down into the Newsstand folder.

The only way to get apps out of Newsstand afteward is to either delete them, or reboot your iPhone.

Here’s a GIF of how it works:


  • technochick

    Consider how many times my iPhone reboots itself even with beta 2, this isn’t a very effective trick. I’d be redoing it every day

  • Steven Quan

    This ‘newly’ discovered glitch is not new at all. It’s been around, just do a Google search.

  • Alexander530

    The author of this article forgot to mention that iOS7 is still in beta. He makes it seem like it’s already the production version.

  • Cgs101

    Ideally you’d be able to take your magazines and newspapers out of the Newsstand.. I miss the New York Times icon!
    Also, since we’re daydreaming, be able to completely deactivate the Game Center and get rid of it from all games …

  • Junaidkureshi

    I think it isnt Glitch, I want to put all my news related apps in this news stand and Apple is doing that, in that case Ill be happy to have this icon on my home screen.