Netflix Plans To Bring New Discovery Feature ‘Max’ To iPad



The biggest pain about Netflix is how long it takes to finally decide on what to watch. You can scroll through the Netflix movie library for hours before settling on something so Netflix announced today that it is rolling out a new discovery tool called ‘Max’ that’s sort of like a cross between Siri and iTunes Genius.

Max helps users make a movie selection by asking a few questions first to gauge mood and taste, and then suggests a movie for you based on Netflix’s algorithms that predict what you might want to watch next.

Max is only available on on the PS3 Netflix app, but the company teased that it will probably come to the iPad next:

“If Max performs at the level he promises, we’ll expand his repertoire and make him available on other devices in the future, likely the iPad next. If you’re outside the U.S., sorry Max will be available to our U.S. members only for now.”

To make using Max more interesting, Netflix has tried to embue it with a vague sense of personality. Sometime it will suggest a movie for you after just one question while other times it will ask you to play a ratings game to find a good match.

If you don’t have a PS3 yet and want to see Max in action, check out the video below:


Source: Netflix