The Lioncase Pocket Shield: Thin, Light And Pretty Damn Classy [Review]


PocketShield by Lioncase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPad Mini
Price: $32

As ever, I shall start this iPad case review by reminding you that I only ever use a Smart Cover on either of my iPads, the mini and the Retina. And that on the occasions that I might be moved to use a case (when not actively reviewing one) I like something light and thin.

Which brings me to the Lioncase Pocket Shield for the iPad mini. It’s slim (13mm), it’s light (150g) and it has a pocket!

What It Is

The hallmark of a Lioncase case is that it weighs almost nothing

The hallmark of a Lioncase case is that it weighs almost nothing next to similarly featured and sized cases, and that they are very inexpensive. This continues with the Pocket Shield, a faux leather folio with a plastic tray to hold the iPad, a microfiber lining, a hinged back that opens up to form a stand and a vertical pocket inside the (magnet-equipped) front cover. It comes in blue, gray or white (I reviewed the blue) and… Well, and nothing else.

The Good

The pocket and the fold-out stand.

As I said, it’s light. The iPad mini itself is so light that any case will add a significant percentage to the total weight, but the Pocket Shield makes a package that still feels like nothing in your hand.

Talking of in your hand, the case feels very nice. The shiny exterior isn’t too slippery, and the microfiber inner is good for comfort and also for keeping the screen clean. The pocket is certainly useful for some things. I’d use it to carry business cards if I was at CES, or to tuck in a boarding pass when traveling there. You clearly don’t want to put too much in as it’ll stop the iPad closing (and therefore stop the wake-sleep magnet from working), and anything that sticks out of the pocket will also touch the iPad’s screen.

The pocket is also pretty great for tucking your fingers into when the cover is wrapped around the back, and thanks to the iPad’s ability to work upside down, you can twist it around to fit your fingers whether you’re a lefty or a righty.

The Bad

An open-and-shut case.

There’s not much to complain about here, other than the fact that the Pocket Shield uses the same plastic liner tray as all the other Lioncase cases I have tested. This tray holds the iPad tight, and offers a lot of protection whilst remaining thin and light. But this comes at a cost. The liner is fragile.

The Lady has gone through two Lion cases, and both died the same way – the plastic corners cracked and split

The Lady has gone through two Lion cases, and both died the same way – the plastic corners cracked and split. That this has happened in the same place with several different cases makes me think that it’s part of the design. Then again, she is a lot harder on her iPad than I am, and I appreciate the lightness afforded by the thin tray. If you’re looking for something tough and long-lasting, look elsewhere.

The Verdict

Another great case from Lioncase. It does what it says it does, makes a great stand and is light enough to be left on all the time, if you’re into cases. If you want good everyday protection for a minimal weight and size penalty, get this. If you want something rugged and long-lasting, don’t buy this. Or buy two.

Product Name: : Pocket ShieldThe Good: Light, cheap, thin — pick three… Wait… What?

The Bad: Plastic tray will crack after a few months.

The Verdict Another great all-rounder, and handsome to boot.

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