Tumblr Shows The Result Of Chicago Sun Times’ Firing Of Photographers



In the right hands, the iPhone Makes a great camera. And in the wrong hands, even the best DSLR or rangefinder will spit out crap. This is the truth behind the SunTimes/DarkTimes Tumblr, a blog which highlights the terrible photos that the Chicago Sun Times is publishing ever since it fired all its photographers and let the writers snap pictures with their iPhones.

The result is clearly shown above.

You may remember photographer Dan Chung, who shot the Olympics using an iPhone, a pair of binoculars (as a telephoto lens) and a copy of Snapseed. His pictures were spectacular not becasue of his kit, but because of his experience and his eye.

The Chicago Sun Times, on the other hand, has a bunch of writerstaking crappy snapshots as an afterthought to getting the story, which is probably pretty annoying to them too, getting in the way of their real jobs. Imagine that the Sun Times had instead fired all its writers and told the photographers to write the stories and you start to see how absurd this all is.

I hope the SunTimes/DarkTimes Tumblr continues to embarrass the newspaper for a long time to come.

Source: SunTimes/DarkTimes

  • nefan65

    Before you start flaming writers taking bad pictures, you may want to check the grammar on your post there champ…writerstaking isn’t a word…

    Isn’t there saying about stones, and glass houses???

  • robraden

    nefan65, you completely missed the point. This isn’t about writers taking bad pictures. It’s about the Chicago Sun Times firing its photographers and the impact that poor decision has had on the quality of what the paper prints and presents online.

  • coffeebot

    Why don’t you make the text in the article a link to SunTimes/DarkTimes Tumblr instead of just at the bottom?

  • markymac

    Did they fire the graphic designers too or did the photogs take care of layout and typesetting? The layout, composition, color; just everything about this screams 3rd grade essay cover sheet.