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Rumored iPhone OS 2.0.1 Needs to Arrive SOON



Just the other day, Boy Genius Report discovered that it had been visited by a few folks whose web browsers identified them as users of a yet-unreleased iPhone OS 2.0.1. Given the timing, it looks pretty clear that Apple will soon push out the update, which should mainly address bugs. Thank heavens — the OS needs it.

It appears that the iPhone software has some big issues to resolve. In addition to the boneheaded syncing scheme Lonnie highlighted a few minutes ago, every one I know who has installed the new OS onto their existing iPhone or iPod touch has noticed significant downgrades in performance and stability. I don’t have a 3G, and all my associates have the previous version or a touch, so I don’t know if these issues plague the new phone or not.

The worst of these problems is that the iPhone now fairly frequently won’t allow users to answer the phone when the screen is locked. When you get a call, the familiar “slide to answer” graphic pops up. But when you actually slide your finger to the right, the button gets stuck, and the phone locks up completely. At that point, the home button does nothing, the Hold button does nothing, and you basically need to perform a hard reset.

And that’s bad. Any time you have a phone that works well at everything but making phone calls? You need to take care of that problem NOW. Anyone else experiencing stability issues?

Via BGR.

Image courtesy Mushroom

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45 responses to “Rumored iPhone OS 2.0.1 Needs to Arrive SOON”

  1. Chad says:

    Yes, I have serious stability issues. Most of the original iPhone apps are very sluggish, especially the contacts/address book. The iPod playback skips while using other apps. The phone is constantly warm, as if it’s working really hard. Apps commonly crash the whole phone (mostly OmniFocus and Remote). And, when adding photos to the iPhone photo album from an email, accessing those photos in the photo album causes all kinds of interface weirdness.

  2. DWalla says:

    Have you made sure you are running the latest 2.0 version? I’ve yet to have any issues after upgrading my iPhone to the 5A345 build to the 5A347 build.

    It’s easy enough to do…. go to iTunes and tell it to RESTORE your OS… it will then download the latest OS, wipe your phone, and install 5A347 onto the phone.

  3. Peter says:

    Doesn’t work well as a phone? You mean always? I mean, it IS on ATT after all.

  4. Rob Feng says:

    It echoes in my car using hands free. The UI is laggy. Calls sound like crap compared to my old verizon handsets.

    IT’S A PHONE!!!! Make that rock solid first.

  5. Tandeep says:

    All the apps that I downloaded from the app store have stopped working after I did the sync with my PC. As soon as I click on an app, it goes to a blank screen and then I’m through back to the phone home screen. Very bizare. Deleting the app and reinstalling seem to fix the issue.

    This is on iPhone 3G.

  6. Mark says:

    I have the iPhone 3G and I’m having the same issues as you are reporting with the slide to answer. Its very irritating because we spent the money on the first or second generation iPhone for a superior phone and at the moment, it doesn’t seem as if we are actually getting a superior phone…

  7. Mike says:

    Reset your iThing by holding the sleep button, slide to shut down, and then wake it up again with the sleep button. Almost all glitches should resolve themselves quickly.

    It must suck to write for an Apple enthusiast blog and have so many negative remarks about the company you admire.

  8. Mike says:

    Reset your iThing by holding the sleep button, slide to shut down, and then wake it up again with the sleep button. Almost all glitches should resolve themselves quickly.

    It must suck to write for an Apple enthusiast blog and have so many negative remarks about the company you admire.

  9. Chris says:

    Yes, the locking of the screen when a call is received and answered happened to me too. The symptoms were exactly how you described them! Other than that I didn’t notice the phone being slower than 1.1.4.

  10. tcbritt says:

    i have not had the problem of not being able to answer calls with the slide bar, but I am experiencing something i think is related. I have noticed the touch screen controls arent as responsive as they were on the version 1 software, especially on the bottom part of the screen. At first, I thought I had hit the screen on something and damaged it, but then relized this problem only started after the software update. I think the problem you are having answering calls is a software probelm with the touch screen controls, similar to what Im experiencing.

  11. Byron Barclay says:

    My address book/Contacts app is very slow. I thought maybe since I have more than 2400 contacts that it was just me. It is as if the contacts have to load. I did not experience that lag with my 1G iPhone.

    I did have three or four occasions when my 1G iPhone wouldn’t let me slide the bar over to answer a phone call however, so that is not something new.

    I have upgraded by firmware to the newest version, and the sluggishness in the Contacts/Address Book app remains. Would love to see that fixed.

    Also, I am seeing pockets of places around Houston where my AT&T signal is not as strong as it was on my 1G iPhone. I even had a buddy pull his 1G iPhone out and hold it hand in hand with my 3G phone, and I had “two bars” of reception on my 3G where he had four. Hope AT&T or Apple can fix that.

    Phones gotta work first.

  12. Ron says:

    Upgraded my EDGE iPhone to the 2.0 software last Friday morning and have not had any problems. I have the standard Apps and a few I bought from the App Store…

    No problems syncing either.

  13. Tom says:

    Where’d that screenshot come from? That phone is not on a cell network and has ‘no bars’. Maybe that’s why the user can’t answer the phone call? ;-)

    Then there’s the issue with the 2 revision s of iPhone OS 2.0 that are out there that has been reported to improve stability — iPhone 3Gs shipped with 2.0 (5A345) installed, but 2.0 (5A347) is available to upgraders and those who run a Restore to their 3G iPhone. I suggest users with issues try that while we await v2.0.1 update.

  14. musyne says:

    “every one I know who has installed the new OS onto their existing iPhone or iPod touch has noticed significant downgrades in performance and stability.”

    Yep, you don’t know me but I’m one of them, and I guess everybody is.
    Also, the available applications aren’t globally better than the “old” ones, and we miss some of those.

    Premature release.

  15. Allan says:

    Caps lock seems to have disappeared, too. Annoying.

  16. The Rude Bellman says:

    Phone calls? That is the last thing I use the iPhone for. I appreciate the fact that I can put someone’s picture on it so I know who’s call I’m not answering. Leave a voicemail and I’ll send you an email. I talk to people all day long at work. I don’t want to do it in my leisure time.

    That said, the only problems I’ve had is occasional crashing when launching certain new apps. I hate to say it but I expect that with a new OS.

  17. nb says:

    Cap locks is in settings general keyboard cap locks-yes/no.
    I see the contacts and sluggish response in general as a big problem with 2.0 both 3G and 1st gen.

  18. Squirter says:

    So has everyone who has had problems with the 2.0 update actually updated to the second 2.0 release?

    The second batch of 3g phones ships with it and 2g updaters after a certain date would have the more recent version, but those who updated before or on release day would have only got the original 2.0. Restoring now will get you the newer version.

  19. Squirter says:

    PS “b103” is the newer version of 2.0. Does the author of this article even know there has been a newer 2.0 release already?

  20. Squirter says:

    The newer 2.0 release is versioned “b103” and is available via iTunes “Restore”

  21. Constable Odo says:

    It’s so good at everything else, why use it as a phone at all. It’s only going to take away battery life you could use for playing games, watching videos and cruising the internet. Pfft. Who needs it as a phone? I think people are expecting a little too much from one device.

  22. Pete says:

    Thanks for assuming my ignorance, guys. We do appreciate it. The folks I’ve talked with all have the newer release of 2.0 — they aren’t the early adopting crowd.

    Few iPod touch users I’ve spoken with are experiencing similar problems from what I can tell — it’s mostly been iPhone-only.

  23. TJ2008 says:

    What happens if i do restore? Do all my apps off of itunes get erased or just on phone? i have first version of 2.0 3g
    build (5A345) will it matter updated to newer (5A347)?

    Please Help