AT&T iPhones Get HD Voice Support Thanks To Hacked Carrier Update


AT&T might finally get its comeuppance for throttling data. Photo: Apple.
AT&T might finally get its comeuppance for throttling data. Photo: Apple.

There’s a new hacked carrier update available for iPhones running on AT&T, which delivers HD Voice, support for Release 7 HSDPA speeds on the iPhone 4S, and a number of other improvements. As always, you don’t even need a jailbroken iPhone to install it.

The update comes from the guys over at iTweakiOS, who have delivered the previous hacked carrier updates for iPhones and iPads on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. This one promises all of the improvements we’ve seen in the previous AT&T update, plus some new additions.

Here are the release notes:

This hack fixes the reported issue of unstable HSPA+ speeds/signal and iPad users having trouble updating and losing all signal. This hack enables, along with the previous enabled features, HD Voice for all iPhone models running on AT&T so users can now use the UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ network for HD qaulity calling on their 4S and 5. This hack also enables Release 7 HSDPA speeds for the iPhone 4S, giving it a new maximum theoretical downlink of 21Mbps, which AT&T does indeed support. Signal improvements from the previous release have not changed and are still present in this release along with unthrottled LTE and HSPA+. The previous band preferences have been altered this time around but not to prefer bands. It has been reprogrammed to do the following:

– “Optimize WCDMA” which will deliver the fastest available speeds without hindering the towers and other users on it.

– “Set LTE near threshold” which will also deliver the fastest available speeds that the LTE towers support.

You can download the hacked update and get instructions on how to install it from iTweakiOS — just click the source link below.

Source: iTweakiOS

  • Avenged110

    Can I get one of these that just supports WideBand Audio? Because so far these always have terrible battery life for little to no payoff.