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iPhone Bag Blocks Cell Signals — Just Like Airplane Mode



The Blokket is just about the most stupid, wrong-headed case I have seen in a while. It certainly looks nice enough, and I’d probably use it based on its cute tool-bag styling alone. But the case also blocks cell signals, letting you “turn off distractions” for a moment. I hope you like dead batteries.

The bag is made from nylon and silver, woven into a radiation shield that cuts your iPhone off from the waves of the world. This is meant to provide you with a brief respite from the distractions of the modern world.

The trouble is, your iPhone already does this. It’s called Airplane Mode and it shuts off all the iPhone’s connectivity. Airplane mode also has the pleasant side-effect of prolonging battery life: I spent the past weekend in the middle of nowhere (actually the middle of Germany, but still) and had the phone set in Airplane mode the whole time. The battery barely dropped and didn’t need charging from Friday Tuesday.

But if you block the signals, then your iPhone’s cellular radio goes into overdrive and amps up to full power trying to find a connection. This is why you phone is so hot (and its battery so drained) if you forget to switch it off when flying.

So, buy a cute roll-up case by all means, but don’t by one that blocks the signal. If you don’t want to use your phone, just switch the thing off.

Source: MOMA Store

Via: Aspotter