Dropbox For iOS Improved With New Sharing Features, Still No Albums



Dropbox for iOS just got a great update. No, it still doesn’t have the photo Albums feature found on the web and Android, but it does add some neat new features. Let’s take a look:

The interface looks pretty much the same, with the a slight tweaking to the buttons at the top of the left-most column list. These will let you (in the photos tab) select multiple pictures and share them. Since these pictures are aggregated from across your entire Dropbox, not just your Photos folder, this is a great and fast way to share pictures.

If you swipe on a file you reveal a new panel "underneath" with options to share, favorite (star), move or delete that file. This keeps your fingers in one place, and is more intuitive in use than tapping toolbar buttons.

And finally (apart from tweaks and bug fixes) is the ability to share folders from the iOS app, something I always forgot Dropbox couldn’t do until I tried it. Over and over.

Source: iTunes