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Thunderbolt Display Supplies Begin To Run Dry




During the WWDC 2013 keynote, Apple made sure to note on several occasions, that the new Mac Pro will support multiple 4k displays. As the current Thunderbolt display is due for an update, many have wondered whether Apple will update the Thunderbolt Display to 4k to go along with the new Mac Pro when it comes out in late 2013.

Shortages at third-party retailers can occasionally indicate whether Apple has a new product in the pipeline, so Glenn Künzler at MacTrast researched the current supply of Thunderbolt displays at third party retailers and found that supplies are beginning to dwindle. One retailer even confirmed that Apple is no longer allowing them to order the Thunderbolt displays.


Here’s are the retailers that are out of stock:

Backordered, out of stock, or “no longer available”:

  • Adorama: No longer available.
  • Out of stock online, called and was informec of very limited retail store availability.
  • CDW: Listed as “call for availability.” I called, and they confirmed they are out of stock.
  • MicroCenter: Out of stock online, and at most retail locations

Limited stock:

  • PowerMax: 4 units left in stock
  • MacConnection: In stock, but I called and was notified they had limited availability
  • Best Buy: In stock online, but was notified of very limited retail availability and overall stock. 
  • Datavision: In stock, but called and confirmed limited availability.

Five retailers, including Apple’s Online and Retail Stores, still have the Thunderbolt display in stock, so a new Thunderbolt display launch is at least a few months away. You can read the full report over at MacTrast.



Source: MacTrast