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Mail Ninja Lets You Slash And Cut Your Way To Inbox Zero



I’m completely reliant on Mailbox for my mail processing now: it’s just so easy to swipe and tap my way to an empty inbox that I prefer using my iPhone over the iPad or even the Mac to get things done (the iPad version of Mailbox is plain terrible, with a janky layout and tiny tiny body text for many messages).

But iPhone mail newcomer Ninja Mail might usurp Mailbox’s place in my daily e-mail “workflow.” No, it can’t file things for later, or even send the messages to folders. But it has one thing that makes it amazing fun to use: Swishing sword sounds that accompany every swipe.

You know what you’re getting into when you see the app icon, a mail envelope shaped like a throwing star. Actually, you should probably know what you’re getting into when you read the app’s name: Mail Ninja.

On first run you can sign up for most mail services, and Gmail sign-in is done in a web view so you can easily use two-step authentication. Then, after one of those annoying instructional sheets that explains the gestures, you’re ready to get medieval on your inbox. Slash! to the left to delete a message. Slash Again! to the right to archive it. Shake! the iPhone to undo. All of these actions are accompanied by a suitably excellent sound effect, as you can see in the embedded video.

It’s pretty addictive, so you can easily find yourself dismembering important unread mails as well as the stuff you’re already done with. My advice would be to do the actual work in a regular e-mail client and switch to this to clean up. It’s that much fun.

In fact, this is the first time I have used shake-to-undo and not felt like a dork. Actually, I still felt like a big dork – I just had a lot of fun while I was feeling it.

App Ninja is $3.

Source: MailNinja
Thanks: Dennis!