Wood Done Good: The Miniot Book for the iPhone 5



We last saw Miniot making the rather hot MkII wooden Smart Cover for the iPad. Now it’s back with this equally stylish Miniot Book for the iPhone 5. The Book uses the same clever bendy wooden hinge as the iPad case, and adds in a rather smart protective “box.” And one thing is certain: Our wood-obsessed editor John Brownlee is gonna freak out over this.


Wood is light and strong, even when thin, making it the perfect material for an iPhone case. The iPhone 5 sits safe inside a box that looks a lot like the rear section of a Pad&Quill case. The front cover (held closed by magnets) opens up and folds all the way round behind the phone for making calls and getting in the way of the camera, and there are holes so you can reach all the various ports and switches.

Apart from the power button up top that it, which gets it’s own wooden button on top that pushes down on the original.

The case even works as a stand, with the wooden hinge unrolling to half way around the back so you can prop it up like the Twelve South SurfacePad. What are you waiting for? I’ll tell you what: You’re waiting to save up some cash, because this thing costs almost $200.

Source: Miniot