Former Apple Designer Has A Great Idea Of What iOS 7 Icons Should Look Like [Concept]


Yes please.
Yes please.

Louie Mantia is a renowned icon and visual interface designer in Silicon Valley who has worked at big companies like Apple and Square. He was involved in designing many of Apple’s pre-iOS 7 app icons, like Trailers, Remote, Garageband, and iBooks. He even designed the Starbucks and Obama campaign app icons, for crying out loud.

The point is that this guy knows good icon design. He’s posted the above iOS 7 concept on his Dribbble, and I think it looks fantastic. He did the same thing last year for iOS 6. This time around, I think he’s nailed it better than Apple.

“Today, I revisited that original task and took about a day to understand the new style,” said Mantia. “Simpler, smoother, subtler. While I don’t employ the grid they created (and while I instead use the colors I chose), these feel interesting and balanced. Vibrant and bold, but not overbearing.”

Indeed. Please hire this guy back, Tim Cook. He gets it.

Source: Dribbble

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12 responses to “Former Apple Designer Has A Great Idea Of What iOS 7 Icons Should Look Like [Concept]”

  1. lwdesign1 says:

    Beautiful icons! Definitely hire this guy back Apple!! His icon designs are superior to the current iOS 7 versions. Very nice!

  2. copperbum says:

    a lot of these icon redesigners are doing just that.. taking what apple already produced and tweaking it slightly. i’m not sure all of them could create this style from scratch

  3. marcopolo12345 says:

    I have no problem with the current iOS 7 icons. I have been using the beta for a while now and the only icons I really have a problem with are the weather and passbook ones. Besides that I like them all. These are good, but I think the general public would describe them as too boring, and these icons would prevent the hope of any form of future animated icons. They look good, like, really good, but I just prefer the look of the current iOS 7 icons more. Nothing is wrong with them and I don’t think they need to be tweaked much.

  4. elijahrlb says:

    right on. these are brilliant! i know many are crying foul against the naysayers, but something like this would satiate everyone’s appetite for change, and still look very good.

  5. zimm3r says:

    Yes these icons are so much better as they have fixed serveral things
    1) the colors go together, they are not all random as with the current ios 7 icons
    2) the gradients have a purpose they add something
    3) they fixed the safari icon, which as is has a loss of detail where needed and a bad color and graident use

    Hire this guy back!

  6. Whodakat says:

    If I wanted a WP8, then I’d buy one. Square those icons out and that is Windows Phone. Pass. That is probably why the icons we have are so bold, and colorful… to contrast with Microsofts bland, industrial approach.

  7. p8blr says:

    The Safari and Settings icons are immensely better, Apple would be wise to use them.

  8. bdkennedy says:

    Agreed. Jony needs to hire this guy back. I don’t agree with the phone icon. Everyone uses the same 50 year old phone handset to represent a phone.

  9. smacsteve says:

    No, no, no… These are all wrong! This is “Shit!” start all over and don’t come out of that hole until you have really got something worth showing me!

    Remind you of anyone? ;-)

  10. sinfm says:

    To each their own i guess, but i’m quite happy with the icons in ios 7.

  11. technochick says:

    To each their own i guess, but i’m quite happy with the icons in ios 7.

    I’m mostly happy with them. I agree that the gradients could be completely killed and settings and game setting need work but the rest are fine. I don’t like his safari cause it looks like a compass app to me. But I’m not sure how to fix that since Apple started that issue making it a compass icon in the first place.

    I do rather like the double bubble but I would kill the dots

  12. jpadhiyar says:

    Let’s hope something of this sort gets on board by the time we get to iOS 7 GM. The ones on the beta are truly pathetic. I mean, did you look at the settings icon? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

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