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Latest Apple TV Beta Introduces iTunes Radio, Conference Room Mode



iTunes Radio won’t just be available on your iOS devices, but also on your Apple TV, according to a new beta release now available to registered developers. The update also adds some other minor features, and makes improvements to Home Sharing to make it more reliable.

The beta release is labeled iOS 5.4, which means Apple has skipped the iOS 5.3 release entirely. That could mean an iOS 5.3 update is on its way with other minor changes, while iOS 5.4 will come later — probably this fall when iOS 7 is made available to the public.

In addition to adding iTunes Radio, the release also introduces iTunes in the Cloud alongside iTunes Match, and renames “Photo Stream” to “iCloud Photos” to prevent confusion.

There’s also a new “Conference Room” mode, Electronista reports, which “allows users to set a custom background with an overlay of instructions on how to connect their own devices to the network. Users can also specify if they want to prefer iCloud playback of stored presentations, videos, photos and music over locally-stored material.”

Check out Conference Mode in action in the video below:

This beta release is available to download now from the Apple Dev Center if you’re a registered developer, and it’s likely to be the first of many, so expect additional changes in the months ahead. There’s no sign of a new design to match that of iOS 7 yet, but I’m sure we’ll see that later.

Source: AppleSpot

Via: Electronista