PhotoStation 2 Adds Layers To iPhone Clipping-Path Photo Editor



PhotoStation 2.0 brings layer support to the powerful but unintuitive photo editing app. Now you can use bezier clipping paths to adjust and fine-tune your image selections on multiple layers, letting you make edits that you usually expect to do on the desktop.

If you want to separate objects from backgrounds in your photos, vector clipping paths are the way to go, at least if accuracy and readjustability are your priorities. Vectors are like bendy rubber bands that can be stretched around until you’re completely happy with where they are, whereupon you can treat them like a regular selection, using them to mask parts of an image, or apply effects only to selected areas. Then, when you’re all done effect-ing, you can go back and readjust your clipping paths, and your special effects will obey these edits.

PhotoStation 2 adds layers, letting you build up many objects on top of a background, or add textures, or mix the layers using blending modes (these govern how one layer’s color and brightness values affect the layers below).

It’s still a pain in the ass to use until you get used to it — a little like Adobe Illustrator, I guess — but it is powerful and as far as I know unlike any other app in the Store. One complaint: it’s iPhone-only, which seems silly for something that can work at full-resolution.

Source: iTunes
Via: Life In Lofi