Ebay Watch: Last Day to Bid on Working Lisa



The financial crisis may be spurring a few Apple collectors to clean the computer room — after a couple of Apple Is we found on eBay, reader David Fulero tipped us off about this Lisa model up on the block.

She’s up for sale for just $999, a relative bargain if you consider the 26-year-old machine’s original sticker price was about $10,000 — something like $20,000 today.


The computer up for sale is a 2/5, the owner thinks it was one of the original Lisas converted to a Lisa 2, as evidenced by the “twiggy” Power Connector in the Diskette bay and serial number.

Here’s what you get for a grand: a Lisa 2 with 5 MB hard disk,  cables and power cords, keyboard with the card inserts, a Lisa 2 mouse, a total of 48 disks (including the seven original applications) and a Lisa 2 owner’s manual.

The auction ends today.