Chatology From Flexibits: A New App For Searching Messages On The Mac


The makers of Fantastical have a new Mac app.
The makers of Fantastical have a new Mac app.

Chatology is a brand new tool for searching Messages on the Mac without the headaches. If you’ve been experiencing bugs, random crashes, and a lack of search functionality in Apple’s chat software, then this new app is for you.

“We made Chatology because we were so frustrated searching for our messages,” said Michael Simmons, fo-founder of Flexibits. “There were no solutions to fix this so we created one, and we think all Messages and iChat users are going to love Chatology as much as we do.”


The app is pretty simple. You can search for any part of a Messages conversation and even sort by images or links. Chat transcripts for individual conversations can be quickly opened in Finder or exported as a text document. Tapping ⌘F in the Messages app to search will open Chatology instead of Apple’s built-in search once it’s installed.

The guys at Flexibits made Chatology for themselves and thought that others would be interested in using it. A Contacts app replacement from Flexibits is still in the works, as well as more updates to Fantastical, which is widely considered the best iPhone calendar app around.

Chatology is available on the Flexibits website now for $20. There’s also a free trial available.