Here’s How Apple Made Finding Photos Way Faster In The iOS 7 Messages App [Image]



If you send friends a lot of pictures via iMessages, you’ll love this new little feature in the iOS 7 Messages app that makes it easier to find old photos you’ve sent friends.

To view all the files that you’ve ever sent someone from your iPhone you can tap the new folder icon at the bottom of a photo preview screen and you’ll get a list of all the files the two of you have sent to each other. No more hunting through chat logs to find that funny pic your friend sent you that you forgot to save.

Via: Reddit


  • SupaMac

    This was essentially already possible, all you had to do was swipe left to right once you opened a picture that you had sent someone.

    Also, you are wrong – this does not let your see “all the files that you’ve ever sent someone”
    — It’s limited to the last few that you sent the person. You still need to scroll back to find older ones.

  • DJR

    What would be more useful would be one-click access to the most recent picture you took. I can’t count how many times I’ve taken a picture, realized I want to send it to someone, and then have to go through several steps to find it in my camera roll.