Here Are Some Of The Smallest UI Changes Between iOS 6 And iOS 7 [Image]





With all the new changes coming to iOS 7 there are still a ton of little details to discover while Apple continues to put the finishing touches on it. While  iOS 7 does feature a completely revamped UI, its the little changes that make everything really come together.

One redditor put together this handy info graphic that compares some of the smallest iOS 7 UI elements with their iOS 6 counterparts.

Take a look:




Source: Reddit

  • CharilaosMulder

    love it, super clean. especially love how buttons have been replaced by borderless text, with color indication they’re tappable elements. The UIPicker and UIAlerts were in dire need of getting a redesign where unnecessary stuff got stripped away.

  • goodvillenews

    the right version. Thank you.
    The only visually better version in ios7 is game center.

  • robraden

    Seeing them side by side makes iOS 6 look so dated. And it is.

  • StevenSaidWhat

    The more I see, the more I like. I never realized how heavy and almost leaden so much of iOs 6 is currently, but then I’m not a designer and don’t focus on that stuff as much as they. iOs has always been about the smooth experience for me, and this upcoming iOs 7 appears to enhance that even more. Can’t wait!

  • TechBell

    The question is does it confuse more than it simplifies? I don’t think they’ve quite got it.

  • Jean Lefebvre

    Finally: A bigger button for UISlider!!

  • Tony Caballero

    God, can it get any worse? As much as i appreciate the actual utility changes, the more I see of the interface and iconography, the more i loathe it.