Here Are Some Of The Smallest UI Changes Between iOS 6 And iOS 7 [Image]





With all the new changes coming to iOS 7 there are still a ton of little details to discover while Apple continues to put the finishing touches on it. While  iOS 7 does feature a completely revamped UI, its the little changes that make everything really come together.

One redditor put together this handy info graphic that compares some of the smallest iOS 7 UI elements with their iOS 6 counterparts.

Take a look:




Source: Reddit

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7 responses to “Here Are Some Of The Smallest UI Changes Between iOS 6 And iOS 7 [Image]”

  1. CharilaosMulder says:

    love it, super clean. especially love how buttons have been replaced by borderless text, with color indication they’re tappable elements. The UIPicker and UIAlerts were in dire need of getting a redesign where unnecessary stuff got stripped away.

  2. goodvillenews says:

    the right version. Thank you.
    The only visually better version in ios7 is game center.

  3. robraden says:

    Seeing them side by side makes iOS 6 look so dated. And it is.

  4. StevenSaidWhat says:

    The more I see, the more I like. I never realized how heavy and almost leaden so much of iOs 6 is currently, but then I’m not a designer and don’t focus on that stuff as much as they. iOs has always been about the smooth experience for me, and this upcoming iOs 7 appears to enhance that even more. Can’t wait!

  5. TechBell says:

    The question is does it confuse more than it simplifies? I don’t think they’ve quite got it.

  6. Jean Lefebvre says:

    Finally: A bigger button for UISlider!!

  7. Tony Caballero says:

    God, can it get any worse? As much as i appreciate the actual utility changes, the more I see of the interface and iconography, the more i loathe it.

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