Another Wooden iPhone 5 Case, This Time With Cool Color Accents



Got wood? Good. Then you won’t be interested in the new Clic Wooden case from Native Union. It’s a rather slick little number featuring a solid cherry wood back panel with a high-gloss plastic insert.

I have always been skeptical of wooden cases for tech gadgets: it always seemed like trying to hide the essence of the device in an olde worlde cloak. But having tried out a couple (the Kubxlab Ultra Slim arrived by UPS this morning) I’m convinced that wood is good.

Why? It’s light and thin, it is naturally slightly rough for added grip, and it looks and feels great in the hand. I’d never go as far as John Brownlee and replace the back of my iPhone with a wooden panel (although if I was as much of a klutz as him I’d probably replace my entire iPhone with one of these bad boys)

The Clic has the added bonus of a great color accent, and plastic edges to actually protect the iPhone should you drop the thing. As ever there’re cutouts for all the holes and speakers, but this doesn’t look nearly as thin as the Kubxlab Case I now have hugging my iPhone.

It’s not cheap, either, at $50. Then again, a tree did have to die for this case, which must be worth something, right?

Source: Native Union