Pad&Quill’s New 11-Inch Cartella Case Brings Linen BackTo The Macbook Air



As fantastically well-made as they are, I only use a Pad&Quill case permanently on one of my devices: the Kindle Paperwhite. For my iPads, I prefer something less bulky. If I used an 11-inch MacBook Air, though, I’d be all over the brand new Cartella Linen, a beautiful case which seems much more in keeping with the larger proportions of a notebook computer.

Like all of Pad&Quill’s stuff, the Cartella is framed with Baltic birch and clamps the computer inside by little more than ultra fine cutting tolerances. You can leave the computer in the case and still have access to all ports and holes, and when opened up it forms a nice little lap-protecting platform, or a wedge for those who prefer their keyboards at a slightly steeper angle.

The exterior is covered in American Buckram linen, has an elastic Moleskine-style strap, and an interior document pocket.

Available now for $80.

Source: Pad&Quill

Thanks: Brian!