Justin Battery Case Powerful Enough To Charge Retina iPad



Despite being so huge and heavy that it’s barely possible for one person to lift, some folks still manage to take the regular-sized iPad out of the house for extended periods of time. And if you’re doing that with the Retina iPad, you’ll know that once the battery has run down you’re looking at three to four weeks to recharge it, even if you were to plug it straight into the high-tension power lines overhead (hint: Do not do this).

That’s why the Justin Ultra-Slim Power Case was invented.

When it comes to batteries, it’s all about the mAh, or milliamp hours, or capacity. Here’s the capacity of the current crop of iPads:

  • iPad retina battery 11,666 mAh
  • iPhone battery 1,440 mAh
  • iPad mini battery 4,400 mAh

As you can see, the Retina iPad’s battery is a monster. The Justin case packs a huge 11,600mAh into its own rechargeable battery, which means that you’ll almost squeeze a full charge from it if you have the Retina iPad. The spec also says that it’ll recharge an iPhone seven times over, which is neat but ultimately pointless as the battery is sat inside an iPad case. That said it does have a USB port so you can charge anything you like.

As ever, I prefer to go the simpler route, and I’d probably buy something like the Uno Enerpak Vault, a standalone 1100mAh battery with a pair of USB ports, one of which is a quick-charging 2.1 Amp outlet. Then again, I never use anything on my iPads except a Smart Cover, so maybe I’m biased.

For those of you who want one, though, the Justin Case (oh ho!) is available now, for around $90.

Source: IT Home

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