PhotoForge And KitCam Axed As Yahoo Buys Developer



Yahoo has bought the developer of the fantastic iOS apps PhotoForge and KitCam. Ghostbird’s software team will now work for Yahoo, helping to make Flickr even better. And – as ever with these things – development on both apps will stop.

PhotoForge was (it’s gone from the App Store, in Spain at least) a fantastic photo editing app for the iPad, and it’s a real shame to see it go – it was one of a handful of apps that could do PhotoShop’s job on iOS (hint: PhotoShop Touch isn’t one of those apps).

However, if you have it already you’re fine, and the app remains in iCloud for your future re-downloading pleasure. And in the meantime the GhostBird Software folks will be working away, hopeful helping out with the much needed iPad version of the great iPhone Flickr app.

Source: GhostBird
Via: Twitter

  • nbeggs

    This is absolutely horrible ! PhotoForge is the best all around editing apps out on the market. Why destroy something that works and is well liked ?

  • thewiccaman

    This sucks big time! I just bought Kitcam and the IAP & use PhotoForge regularly. Oh well …