BeamApp Brings iOS 7’s AirDrop To Any iDevice



Do you like the look of the new iOS 7 AirDrop feature that lets you beam things from iDevice to iDevice? Me too. But even if you have iOS 7 installed, you still can’t beam things to and from a Mac, which is arguably a more common need for basement-bound, friendless nerds like you and I.

Enter BeamApp, which does what it says on the virtual, HTML-based tin.

BeamApp is an app for iOS and OS X which auto-detects the relevant info from your frontmost a and sends it to the iPhone or iPad of your choice. The device receives a push notification which – when tapped – will open the link, whether it’s an actual URL, an iTunes Store link, a music track, or a text note.

It work great, and even setup is super easy: you just hit the + button on your Mac and then point the iOS device’s camera at the QR code on your Mac’s screen. That’s it – you’re paired!

The app differs from Instashare, which is designed more for moving files around, and uses the Open In… dialog on iOs to do it. BeamApp is more about getting snippets of info to and from your iPhone. I really like the Now Playing feature which will and the current iTunes track to your phone ready for walking out the door.

Best of all, the app is free. Although that might actually mean “worst of all,” as I never really trust free apps to stick around for very long.

Source: BeamApp

  • aardman

    …like you and me. Yes, picky, I know. :-)

  • SupaMac

    That track isn’t 13 minutes long