iOS 7 Finally Lets You Put The Newsstand App In A Folder




Here’s one of the best new little features in iOS 7: you can put the Newsstand app in a folder. You can’t delete it, but at least it’s out of the way.

There have been a few jailbreaking hacks that allow you to put the Newsstand app icon in a folder, but until iOS 7, Newsstand was the only iOS app that couldn’t be placed in a folder, to the annoyance of millions of iOS users.

  • Adrayven


  • SupaMac

    nice flahlight app ;)


    its about time :-)

  • LTodd820

    Any word on if it will crash when opened in a folder?

    I still have mine in a folder back before they fixed the glitch that allowed you to sneak it in.

  • geofffitch

    How about the trash? Can I put it in the trash? Why won’t Newsstand die. The only explanation I can think of is that there is some family member of an important exec who loves it.

    Newsstand is not really an ‘app’. It is basically a folder where your newspaper and magazine apps go and a rule that says these apps must only be found in Newsstand. Will someone help me understand the point of this? (Oh, and a link to the app store.) I don’t want to put Newsstand in anything. I want to take things out of Newsstand. Why can’t I put my NYTimes app wherever I want? What is the point of this thing anyway?

    It is very strange this still exists. Newsstand is the ultimate pointless skeuomorphism. If Carl Jung had identified an archetype for pointless skeuomorphisms, there would be drawings of Newsstand in his dream journal. Perhaps other pointless ‘folder apps’ – a toy chest to hold all his games and a tool chest to hold all of his utility apps. iOS 7 – just because it now looks like an aluminum Ikea shelf, it is still a shelf.

    What’s more it has gotten a bit more insidious in iOS 7. On the iPad, you will notice that when you are in Newsstand, the ‘four finger grab’ that takes you to the home screen does not work. If you go to the multitasking view, you will notice you can’t dismiss the app. Open a Newspaper app, then do the four finger grab – you go back to Newsstand, not the home screen. Its as if it is acting like another home screen.

    Newsstand must die. If you like it, you’ll be fine. Just create a folder called Newsstand and put your apps in it. You’ll be right at home.