Apple’s State Of The Union: Retail And Digital Stores Are Booming [WWDC 2013]


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Today Tim Cook gave an Apple State of the Union update at WWDC 2013. He kicked off with Apple Retail, highlighting the recent opening of Apple’s new store in Berlin. “It’s a fantastic store in a great location,” he said. “Only Apple could do this.”

Cook went on to talk about Apple’s success on the digital storefront: the App Store and iTunes.

Here are some big numbers that were mentioned:

  • 1 million people per day visit Apple Stores
  • Many students visit Apple Stores for school field trips
  • 407 stores in 14 countries
  • 50 million App Store downloads so far
  • 900,000 apps in the App Store
  • 375,000 iPad apps
  • More accounts with credit cards than any store on the internet (575 million, to be exact)
  • $10 billion paid out to App Store developers (3x more than all other mobile platforms combined)

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