Apple Reveals Minimalist iOS 7 Banner At Moscone West



Apple has been busy decorating Moscone West all week in preparation for WWDC 2013, but until now we haven’t see any iOS 7 banners.

Apple just unveiled one of the iOS 7 banners for WWDC that seems to be a pretty clear indicator that iOS 7 will have a new minimalist design. The banner simply features a huge ‘7’ against a perforated background.

We’ll keep you update with new pictures as more banners are posted up. Make sure to come back Monday morning for Cult of Mac’s liveblog of the WWDC keynote.

Source: MacStories

  • TimWachter

    LOL it’s fake… Can’t believe you guys fell for it.. Look at the dude at the stairs, it’s a mirrored image made by twitter user @Dexwell_

  • garrettchace

    Lol um that 10.9 one is fake! Just look at the people, cars, ladders, etc. It’s just flipped!

  • francomillas

    Is not fake, the picture is taken from outside through the glass, it reflects the outside, and in the inside is the guy on the stairs.

  • MarvinAl258

    If you wanna verify if that picture is real just type on Google “ios 7” and there will appear some news.