Name Your Own Price With The Double Down Mac Bundle [Deals]


CoM - DDBundle

This Cult of Mac Deals offer won’t just save you time on your Mac, but it will save you money as well. That’s right. We’ve partnered with 2 great developers to bring you The Double Down Mac Bundle! You pay what you want for Find Any File and if you pay more than the average price, you’ll also receive Shortcuts.

But you’re not just saving money and helping developers with this offer. We’ve also chosen three charities: Child’s Play Charity, World Wildlife Fund, and Creative Commons, that we believe make a significant and positive impact across the globe. 10% of your entire purchase will go to help whichever charity you choose.

Here are the two apps you’ll get in The Double Down Bundle:


Shortcuts makes it dead simple to create keyboard shortcuts for a variety of everyday computing tasks. Using keyboard shortcuts you can launch everything from applications (iTunes, Chrome, etc.) to specific webpages in a flash. Another great feature of Shortcuts is the ability to connect keyboard shortcuts with specific files or folders that you use constantly. Even system functions like Sleep, Volume Increase/Decrease, Play/Pause can be controlled with Shortcuts.

Here are some of the features of Shortcuts:

  • Quickly launch applications, folders, websites, and more with the click of a button
  • Save time accessing everything on your Mac
  • Easy-to-use Mac application
  • Clean and user-friendly interface

Find Any File

With Find Any File, you can quickly and easily search your computer for files by name, size or date. You can see what files got changed in the past few minutes, or sort all the files on your computer by size. Find Any File also searches on disks not indexed by Spotlight (like server volumes), so it’s guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the highlights of Find Any File:

  • Search file properties by name, dates, & size (as opposed to Spotlight)
  • Extremely fast and user-friendly interface
  • Saveable queries
  • Convenient folder view
  • Can be launched in place of Spotlight with Command-F

Both of these applications only work with Mac computers only. After purchasing, you’ll get instant access to the full versions of the apps right from your account. Support some of the best app developers and pay what you want for their finest work – and support a charity in the process. Head to the Cult of Mac Deals page and pick up The Double Down Mac Bundle today!