Cycle Through Running Apps In Reverse With This One Weird Keyboard Trick [OS X Tips]


Tilde Key

Yes, I’m totally making fun of those “lose belly fat” ads you might see all over the internet (or maybe it’s just me) with that headline, but the truth is, while many Mac users may know that hitting Command-Tab will bring up the Task Switcher in OS X, they may still be doomed to endlessly loop through their running apps with that keyboard shortcut.

If you’re running a lot of apps, that’s a lot of wasted time. Time that could be better spent actually in the apps you’re cycling through in and ever more frustrating rightward bound loop of task switching.

To avoid the endless loop, there’s only one keyboard command you need to know: Command-Tilde. The Tilde is the funny little ˜ sign just above the Tab key on most Apple-compatible keyboards.

You won’t be able to jump right into a leftward looping Task Switcher rut right away, however. You’ll still have to activate the Task Switcher with a Command-Tab and then, still holding the Command key down, move your other finger to the Tilde key. Boom! You’re now moving through the open apps in the reverse direction.

Life is good, right?

  • jchlu

    or, simply hold down the shift key (at any point, even from the start) to reverse the cmd+tab direction.

  • __DarkBlue

    Or use the left and right arrow keys…