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Dispatch For iPhone Integrates Your E-mail With All Your Other Apps



Dispatch is the iPhone e-mail client I have been looking for for years. It’s kind of like Drafts for email, only in reverse – the emails come in from pretty much any service you like, then you quickly triage them. Then, you send the results off to another app or service on your iPhone.

This last part is the best: You can send the entire e-mail – still formatted – to Omnifocus or Evernote or Things. If you tap a date you can open it in Due or or create a native Reminder (Reminders can be used other stuff too). Addresses can be opened in Maps, Google Maps and more. Do you see where I’m going now?

There is also the now-obligatory swipe-in quick-action panel to delete, archive, flag or mark as spam (the icons are a little confusing though), pull-to-refresh, conversation view and something called Snippets.

Snippets work like TextExpander, or like the built-in Keyboard Shortcuts. They’re better than the built-on shortcuts as they can contain line breaks (I have one for my address so I can quickly send it to folks who want to send me gadgets to review), and they can even be exported to TextExpander (although not imported, sadly).

The other super-cool timesaver is the auto-salutation (customizable), which prepends “Hi [name]”, at the start of any replies. This means that you’ll never misspell a name again, and save seconds checking for that info.

Despite the amazing level of polish, this is still clearly a 1.0 product. There’s no filing beyond just archiving or trashing messages (folders/Gmail labels would be great), and no TextExpander Touch support. Then again, most of your filing needs will be replaced by just sending the messages to where they need to be instead of setting them aside to act on later.

In all, another solid iPhone e-mail app to go with the zillions that have been released int he last few weeks. It seems like e-mail isn’t dead after all. If I wasn’t so hooked on Mailbox, this’d be in my iPhone dock already.

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