Time Warner Cable Wants Apple To Put TWC TV App On Apple TV



Time Warner Cable is in talks with Apple to sign a video streaming deal for some of its content. After the successful launch of its TWC TV app on Roku devices this past March, Time Warner Cable announced that it’s trying to get ink more deals.

Speaking at an investors conference in London on June 4, Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt told investors that the company wants to strike deals with Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung:

“You should assume we’re talking to everyone who makes devices like this, whether it’s Samsung smart TVs, Apple, Microsoft.”

If Time Warner Cable is willing to pony up to Apple’s terms, then it’s not that unlikely we’ll see a TWC TV app on the Apple TV soon. Microsoft’s Xbox One is slated to launch later this year and it sounds like Britt has his eye on getting on that too.

Last year, Time Warner Cable’s COO said that the company would let Apple have complete control over the TV interface. There have even been rumors that Apple has been working with U.S. cable operators to create an Apple cable set-top box.

Britt has been one of the few executives in the cable industry to embrace the idea of allowing subscribers to view cable content on a number of devices. During the conference Britt explained he’s “sort of on the radical fringe of our industry. A lot of people think you [should] control consumers by forcing them to use your interface.”

Source: FierceCable

  • Steffen Jobbs

    The TWC channel works decently on the Roku 3, but I don’t see much advantage to it since you have to have a TWC account to use it. If you already have a TWC account then you might as well just watch it through the cable box. It’s OK as an alternative so you don’t need an extra remote nearby, but it would be better if you could replace the cable box completely with the Roku 3 even if you had to add your own external drive to record shows and movies to.

  • technochick

    While I like the notion of apps allowing us to ditch the cable box and the rental fee I wish Apple would only agree to this if they would stop withholding Warner’s content (especially broadcast) from the iTunes Store and allow folks to subscribe to HBOGo etc without needing a full cable package.