Tayasui Sketches Raising The Game For Minimal Drawing Apps



Every once in a while an app comes along that looks – at first glance – to be just like every other app in its category. Then, when you take it for a spin, it blows you away. Tayasui Sketches is such an app. It’s a painting and drawing app for the iPad, and it does just what you’d expect: multiple brushes, colors and a few control gestures. But when you use it the slick feel, high level of polish and great results will win you over.

The app is free, with a $2 in-app-purchase to unlock all the features. Best of all, you can actually enable “pro” mode for an hour to try things out, although after a few minutes you’ll be ready to hit the “buy” button.

The tools are standard – pens, pencils, brushes – but in the same way that Penultimate offered the best iPad ink for a long time, so Sketches has a fantastic painting engine. The airbrush is especially good.

The IAP adds a color-picker tool (long press to bring up the loupe), more brushes and brush controls (wet vs. dry, different tip sizes). Whatever the paid status of your copy, you can export pictures by flicking them into an envelope (it’s pretty cute) and zoom/undo/redo/move with pinches and swipes. The only thing I don’t like is that the pixels blur when you zoom in.

Still, give it a go. It’s free to try, and just $2 if you like it more than your current drawing app. Isn’t the App Store great?

Source: [Tayasui]
Via: [iTunes][itunes]: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id641900855&uo=4&partnerId=30
[tayasui]: http://www.tayasui.com/tayasui/SketchesApp.html