Curly Charging Cables For Your Lightning Devices



Cables: I love what they do – keeping my beloved gadgets juiced and full of delicious data – but — unlike a playful kitten — I hate their tangled mess. Perhaps the perfect charger cable is here at last though: It’s the curly phone-style Lightning cable from Japanese company Sanwa.

The cable costs $23, stretches from a compact 22cm to a long-enough 45cm and comes in black or white. On one end is a standard USB plug, on the other a new Lightning plug.

The cable looks just about perfect for use at home, but for traveling I’ll stick with the stubby little USB cables I already own – they’re short and light, whereas this cable looks to be a little weighty and unweildy for carrying around, even while it’s perfect for the desktop.

The curly charging cord is available now.

Source: Andrew Liszewski
Via: sanwa