Outdoor Tech Jumps on the Bluetooth Headphone Bandwagon With The ‘Tuis’




By now, the only folks worried they don’t have enough choices when buying a new pair of Bluetooth headphones must be the same folks who worry that this place doesn’t have enough of a beer selection.

The newest newcomer (Bluetooth headphones, not beer) is Outdoor Tech’s spartan-looking Tuis, which we’re assuming means “Bluetooth” in Esperanto.

At $150, they’re a little less expensive than the average BT headphones. They’re also powered by the new(ish) low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, which gives them an endurance-like runtime of a claimed 16 hours on a single charge of the set’s lithium-ion battery. Other highlights are 40mm drivers and a tight folding design.

The Outdoor Tech Tuis is due out in September.