Track iPhone Data Usage And Set Warnings with Beautiful DataMan Next App [Daily Freebie]




DataMan was one of the first iPhone data trackers when it debuted back in 2010, after AT&T 86ed the utopian guarantee of unlimited data.

This new iteration, DataMan Next, is much prettier, but essentially does the same thing: It tracks your data usage and warns you before you spend money needlessly on data overage charges; it can even predict whether you’ll end up going over your monthly allowance. And today, it’s free.

Under the app’s bright, neat wrapper is a wealth of helpful functionality. You can set custom thresholds and alerts, view past usage by month and even track your wifi usage. If you’ve ever kicked yourself for slipping over your limit — or even just stressed about it — you need this app.

For more detailed tracking, DataMan Pro (iPad version here) is half off at $5 and gives you additional info like which apps are gulping the most data and maps all your data usage geographically.