Cordito Cable Wrap, Like A Leather Burrito For Your Chargers



Sick of tangled cords when traveling? Want to look more like a cool-headed doctor than a disorganized teenager when you tend to the charging of your various iGadgets? Then the Cordito Wrap is for you: It’s a super-stylish (and super-simple) leather sheet for organizing cables and chargers.

The modern gadget-lovers day bag looks likes nothing more than an electronic diaper bag, carrying the essential support systems to keep your battery-powered friends going all day. Yes, we might use backup battery packs instead of breast pumps [… Enough! -Ed][Wait, I am the “ed” – Reviews Ed] [Shut up – Fictional Super Ed]…


Anyhow. Cables. And chargers. That’s what the Cordito holds, cleverly stuffed into slots cut straight into the “premium leather” sheet. There’s space for three cables and two plugs, and the whole thing rolls up and is secured by a pair of metal fasteners.

It’s pretty nice, right?

This burrito of battery-independence is $45, and comes in a variety of colorful cowskin choices. Available now, from Etsy, or available even sooner, from your own kitchen-table workshop.

Source: Etsy
Via: ApartmentTherapy