Bloom Box: Shoot Seeds, Bloom Flowers, And Collect Stars On Your iPhone



Tired of slingshotting those angry birds at ever-more preposterous structures build by pigs? Bored with trying to best your friends using nothing more than words?

Bloom Box is a new, cutesy puzzle game from Nexx Studio (Pig Shot, Glow Puzzle) where you’ll need to set up chain reactions to explode the aforementioned boxes, make flowers bloom, and collect all the stars in each level.

Each level has you tapping the seed shooter on the bottom of the screen, which is connected to one of the bloom boxes on the garden grid. Different boxes explode in different directions, making flowers bloom in patterns across the grid, but also shooting seeds out to explode other boxes that you can move around the garden for maximum effect. Each level has three stars that you can capture with a blooming flower. The stars are then used to unlock up to 120 new levels across four gardens.

Better yet, you can send screenshots of the harder puzzles to your friends on Twitter or Facebook, asking for help in solving a particularly tricky one.

It’s a lovely way to spend a few minutes while waiting in line at the store or the bank, and you’ll work your brain out, too. The puzzles start out easy, but ramp up super quickly, making this a great neural workout as well as a relaxing adventure.

Bloom Box Will have you frustrated in no time, so if you love brain busting spatial puzzles and cute flower-themed artwork, look no further. It’s even on sale to celebrate the launch, making this a $0.99 buy for a limited time.

Source: App Store